Our Values


To transform community wellness through literacy, health, spiritual and wellness programs


Holistic Mission
We believe that the gospel of Christ brings restoration of wholeness to all people and communities. We share the gospel and help our neighbors grow in their faith. We also commit to share God’s love and peace with our neighbors through words and actions. We affirm that the gospel calls us to care for community wellness which involves meeting basic needs, like literacy and access to health and spiritual care.

Lasting Transformation
We believe that lasting impact comes through authentic relationships. Therefore we seek opportunities to listen to our neighbors and develop relationships anchored in love, respect and dignity. We design our services based on their input, concerns and aspirations.

Neighbor Participation & Leadership
We believe that our neighbors can build upon their strengths to enrich their own lives and neighborhoods. Our goal is to enable neighbors’ participation and grow their leadership within the community.

Community Collaboration
We believe in community strengths and leveraging existing resources and assets. We will strive to collaborate with community networks, local government, churches, non-profit organizations, community leaders and neighbors to address community needs and promote partnership in community development.